Frequently Asked Questions

In what situation do I need a permit to work on blue line streams?

Anything done on streams, stream banks, waterways, or drainage areas should be reviewed by TDEC, TVA, and/or Army Corp of Engineers. If you have questions concerning permit you can contact these agencies at: 

TDEC--Chattanooga EFO, 423-634-5745 or

TVA--Lenior City, 865-632-1320 or

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers--Nashville, 615-369-7500 or                         

Who do I call for a burn permit?

The agency to call for burn permits is the TN Department of Agriculture "Division of Forestry", their local number is 423-745-5729. Permits are required from October 15 thru May 15 and other times during certain weather conditions.

 Where do I find soils information, aerial imagery, and floodplain maps for my property?

The USDA/NRCS has developed a website where all this information can be located. The website provides aerial photography & soil information.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a great deal of flood information on their website. NRCS has the ability to generate maps with aerial imagery that has a floodplain map overlaid. 

Where do I get soil test done?

You can either go to the local UT Ag Extension Service for test kits or to your local Co-Op. We keep some test kits at our office. 

Who do I call before excavating on my property for locations of uitilty lines (gas, phone, cable, electric,etc.)?

 Before you DIG call "Tennessee One Call" at 811 or 800-351-1111 or go to their website: State law requires you to call before digging because a person can be held liable for damages incurred if you dig and do not call Tennessee One Call.

 Who do I contact about wildlife problems (wanted and/or unwanted) on my property?

You need to contact the TWRA regional office. They are located at TWRA Region 3, 464 Industrial Blvd, Crossville, TN 38555 or call 1-931-484-9571 or 1-800-262-6704. The office will then contact your local TWRA officer and have him contact you.

Who do I contact if I suspect illegal dumping or polluting of streams?

Call TN Outdoor Crimes Line at 1-800-890-8366 to report any illegal dumping of trash, hazardous waste, tires, chemicals, soil erosin, air & water pollution, wetland destruction, endangerment of endangered species, fish kills, and environment abuse.

Who do I call about septic tanks and field lines?

Ground Water Protection -Regional office in Knoxville call 1-888-891-8322 or the local office located at: E-911 Center, 1107 S Congress Pkwy, Athens, TN 37303 or call 423-744-7157.

What do I do in case of poisoning?

Call the national POISON HOT LINE 1-800-222-1222 or go to the American Association of Poison Control Center website at or Tennessee Poison Center at

What do I do if I suspect a hazardous material spill?

In case of a hazardous material spill contact your local law enforcement, fire department, or Tennessee Emergency Management Agency 615-741-0001 or website

How do I contact the EPA in McMinn County? or call (423) 634-5745





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